waiting, waiting, waiting…


Isn’t funny how covert you have to be when you are sketching people? 

“I’m not hiding a sketch book on my lap!” 

“No, this isn’t a sketch of the back of some guy’s head, really.  I’m just sketching …a possible landscape plan for my yard”

And then if you do get caught…

“Yeah, it’s just something I do…”  “Yeah, working for Disney would be…great”  “No, actually I illustrate…”  “illustrate-you know the drawings in magazines and children’s book, yeah, that’s illustration.”   “Actually, um, I don’t really have the time to, uh, illustrate your daughter’s children’s book.” “$200?  wow, yeah, that’s tempting…but I’m really kinda swamped….”

ah, waiting rooms.


2 thoughts on “waiting, waiting, waiting…

  1. Ain’t it the truth! Even my postman told me he’s got ideas for children’s books! And my lawyer had me read over the first draft of his picturebook manuscript! (actually, his wasn’t too shabby…)

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