Starbucks is so beautiful…


If you are a coffee drinker, you know the pull of  that seeing that weird green two-tailed mermaid posted by your local Walgreens, Target, Big-O tires and random power  plant.  Yes, fellow coffee drinkers, we are brainless moths attracted to a corporate giant flame, in need of our caffeine fix.  But I’m superior to you Venti triple shot no whip frappicino drinkers.  I only get a tall coffee, whereby I can justify going in 3x as often, which of course monetarily equals one of your snooty drinks.  But I don’t think that when I walk in, all I think is “I woke up today, I deserve this.”


7 thoughts on “Starbucks is so beautiful…

  1. You know I love this painting. It speaks volumes about how Starbuck created the demand. WE neeeeeeeeed it. It also speaks about how
    we are self entitled.

    I’m too poor for Starbucks these days. Its an uber luxury, but I’ll still hog up some couches from time to time and draw while others get their Venti delight.

    Keep it up Mikela!!

  2. OMG. Love it. How extremely fitting. I especially love the flapping hands. I’m amazed that Startbucks marketing power hasn’t thought of this idea. You should sell it to them. Awesome work, as always.


  3. Oh, I know it! There’s one just a short two block walk from my house, and I’m very adept at just having to walk that direction no matter my final destination.

    Perfectly illustrated…

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