Eloise Wilkin…and my ego


I attended a children’s  illustration panel the other night.  A couple  people  that were on the panel were illustration buddies of mine.  And being the narcissist that I am, when questions were directed to my friends I felt the need to voice my answer, quietly in my head…

“So, Molly, what got you started in illustration?”

Molly Mikela:  “Well, (small chuckle) I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Golden Books but (reflective pause), for me it probably was seeing Eloise Wilkin’s We Like Kindergarten.  The cover of that book was so strange to me, because on one hand, you have this beautifully rendered little girl and on the other hand the girl is holding her crude yet innocent drawing.  It was quite a conundrum!  So….ha…. (smiling at the audience) the contrast between realism and naïveté was an appealing aspect of art to my six year old mind and remains a source of interest to me as a developing artist.”

Speaker: “Tanja, can you tell us about your experience with promoting your book through your various book tours?”

Tanja Mikela: “uh… book? tour?…uh….”


5 thoughts on “Eloise Wilkin…and my ego

  1. You are too funny! You know I think all artists feel that way… There we are working away and we wish, we REALLY wish someone would as us to tell them all about it!!! I’m always imagining myself in an interview with Oprah, and how I’d respond so witty, yet sagely, and how that would result in massive book sales, and how I would then buy a large house with an ocean view… My friend Chad and I have a pact- whoever gets on her show first will put in a shameless plug for the other one! Want in?

  2. You are hilarious… and you said in this post what every artist wants to say but never has the guts to admit it. I love your transparency. Plus.. you’re super hot! 🙂

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