Mini-Interviews 2012

I think I’m kind of freaking out.

Do you ever compose a dialogue in your mind with a famous person while washing the dishes?  Maybe I’m completely alone in this practice, but I regularly interview people I admire while scrapping away at my panini press.  What is amazing (other than a Garlic Chicken Goat Cheese Panini) is that these interviews are coming true.  So I’m a bit excited.  A LOT a bit.

Since November is National Picture Book Month my fellow illustration buddies Juana Martinez Neal, Molly Idle, Laura Jacobsen and I will be hosting a series of Mini Interviews.  We will be relentlessly grilling those we admire, respect and secretly seethe with jealously over their abundance of talent.

Check out who we’ll be featuring throughout the month this November…it’s pretty incredible…

Kevan Atteberry

Lynne Avril

Alexandra Ball

Alexandra Boiger

David Christiana

Kent Culotta

Adam Gustavson

Jeremy Holmes

Brian Karas

Kelly Light

John Parra

Greg Pizzoli

Amanda Shepherd

Mary Sullivan

Constanze Von Kitzing

Wendy Watson
So stay posted!  You don’t want to miss this exposition of talent coming straight at you!  And yes, sandwiches will be served.


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