Mini-Interviews are coming…miss it and regret it!

If you are curled up on the couch in a slight fetal position while reading this post on your phone, you are probably asking yourself the same question I’ve been asking myself today – “Why, oh why did I eat so many ‘Fun Size Three Musketeers’!?” Well, I’m here to remind you that today is a new day!  The past is gone, the wrappers strewn about the carpet may remain but from this moment forth you has not fall prey to regret!  This is also a warning though…you definitely do not want to be racked with guilt if you miss this month’s line-up of interviewed talent that could possibly cause this blog to burst through it’s html-coded seams!  Who shall be joining us?  Well, I’m glad I piqued your curiosity…
Each Thursday this month you will get a chance to delve in the mind of…

Alexandra Ball

Kent Culotta

Alexandra Boiger


David Christiana

But we aren’t stopping there!  Make sure to check out the blogs of Juana, Molly and Laura who have their own questions for even more amazing talent!  But for right now, you are allowed to rock yourself gently on the edge of the couch, sip some ginger ale, wallow in your candy regret but do not miss this tour!  Or your regret will be greater than the overabundant sugar content you have previously consumed.


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