The November Mini-Interviews 2013

mini interviews 2013BOO!

Oh so sorry to scare you!  No need to fret or to fear – the Mini-Interview are really quite near!  So gather your bonnet, your kerchief and cap and…

forget it…I’m too high on fun size Twix bars to focus on doing an entire blog post in rhyme.  So let’s just focus on what we know – November – NATIONAL PICTURE BOOK MONTH – and the annual series of Mini Interviews hosted by Juana, Molly, Laura and I!  This year we are focusing our attention on authors who are the illustrators!  The best of both worlds!  To make it extra special we are looking into the “little” things in the lives and work of our author/illustrator interviewees.  Fun, huh?

Here’s  the line up on my end of the blog tour – and honestly-  I cannot believe these talented people agreed to share their wisdom and insight with a crazed fangirl like myself…these people are givers.

Sean Qualls

David Ezra Stein

Matthew Cordell

Bob Shea

Antoinette Portis

A complete list of all 21 of our amazing interviewees (in alphabetical order) can be found here

Make sure to check out all the blogs on this tour EVERYDAY in November.  Missing it is something to fear.

Now stop eating your kids’ candy.


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