Mini Interviews – Juana Martinez-Neal (a.k.a. The Woman Behind the Curtain)

mini interviews 2013If you haven’t had a chance to read the latest shout-outs from the merry band of mini-interviewers (Molly Idle and Laura Jacobsen), then this post will not seem late.  But it is.  That’s because I didn’t have an amazing woman by the name of Juana Martinez-Neal sending me a gentle and thoughtful reminder to start thinking about publishing my latest blog post.

Juana Martinez-Neal : flowerpicking

Also to give you an update, if you hadn’t guessed Juana is the Woman Behind the Curtain of the Mini-Interviews, the one tying together loose-ends, bringing peace and order to a slurry of questions by our merry band…

“When am I posting?”

“Wait, I thought I was interviewing her!”

“I need help!  When I move my mouse up, the cursor goes down!!  I think I broke my computer!!!”

Juana Martinez-Neal : Rosies Rhino

But Juana takes everything in stride, with grace and unending patience…

ME “Hi Juana, listen-I broke into your studio, I knew you wouldn’t mind, and I printed some art samples and then the toner caught on fire somehow and everything burned”

JUANA “Oh that’s ok!  I was thinking about remodeling-you just saved me the trouble of demo!” *

Juana Martinez-Neal : el colegio

You see?!  Unshakeable!!!

So thank you Juana for all and everything and beyond what you have done!  We are so blessed to be in your company!

* As of this day this situation has not actually occurred.  



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