Story Ideas are Castles

idea castle - Mikela Prevost

Sometimes story ideas seem like these heavily fortified castles with no way of infiltration.  The treasure is there, spilling out the sides of the idea castle walls.  The idea is rich with sparkly unicorns, magical wizards and raised glazed sprinkle donuts. But the idea’s entrance and walls are heavily guarded and only one with TRUE talent might gain access.

This is how I’ve been feeling about one story idea that’s been teasing, badgering me to the point of flat out laying-on-the-ground for me to trip on.  Each time I start writing I whisper quietly to the paper, “I’m sorry thin slice of tree that this is how you meet your end”.  There is just no getting around this story ideas – AND YET – I feel like if we as intelligent beings can discover water on Mars and clone cuddly farm animals then I can find a way around this story idea.  So pure stubbornness and early morning coffee bribery is at this stage in the battle my only means of attack.


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